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Vibecode Travel Expenses checks if the inserted expense note is correct or infringes the company policies, telling the employee the type of mistake made. The approval processes are faster and allow to save time without further costs.


The application can be used on PCs, tablets, smartphones, helping the employee staying productive even during “dead times”. For instance, the employee can enter his or her expense account directly during the business trip, uploading the pictures of the receipts.

Workflow and approval levels

Expense notes get inserted by the employee and received by the user in charge of inspecting them, who can approve or entirely decline the expense account. They can also deal with every expense line, having the option of rejecting even a single one.

Approval levels

Standard approval levels are two but it is possible to increase or reduce them according to your needs. At the end of the process, if authorized, the expense account is sent to your system and saved in the database. In case it is declined, it is integrated with the reason of the rejection and sent back to the employee who can delete or modify it, in order to submit it again to the approval process.

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Work Freedom

Configuration tables and parameterization make authorized users autonomous in the management and in the setup of the system; approval flows, policies and allowed currencies can be defined and managed autonomously.

Activity Based Costing

Each expense account's line may be associated with an expense type, to a project and to a cost center to better allocate costs.

Policy management

You can define unlimited number of policies and expenses type. Each user will be then associated with a policy.

An Enterprise Level Application

Vibecode Travel Expenses manages the expense accounts also for global enterprises. It manages, in a single environment, different languages, companies and currencies. The European Central Bank provides Vibecode with currency exchange rates in real time.

It can also be used offline

Vibecode Travel Expenses can also be used without internet connection. The expense statement is entered and then automatically synchronized when the connection is restored. This maximizes productivity by enabling the employees to upload their own costs at all times.

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