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Vibecode is a framework to develop your business applications

Vibecode is a framework that enables the fast developing of powerful and advanced business applications. It provides simple tools to solve the technological complexity, freeing the “Business team” from knowing the underlying technology.

CharacteristicsVibecode is characterized by high separation between the business components and the technology components. Vibecode is natively cloud which allows it to be reliable, always available and scalable in a way potentially unlimited. It does not have any restrictions in terms of number of users and of amount of stored information.
Moreover, all the files, the classes and actions may be placed under workflow and under process flow.
Main benefitsThank to these characteristics Vibecode ensures speed and ease of adjustment to new and emerging technologies. It ensures also excellent performance both for transactional processing and analytic processing.

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A few lines for a great achievement

Vibecode applications can be implemented by non-technical users because the management of application entities (for instance Clients, Products, Transactions…) is traced back to an easy functional modeling. It hides the technological complexity to the users and facilitates the focusing on the business issues.

class name(kLoyaltyCustomer) inherits(kBasic) cluster(true) label(Loyalty Customer)

property name(Name) type(tkName) mandatory(true)
property name(Surname) type(tkSurname) mandatory(true)
property name(Address) type(tkAddressInfo) mandatory(false)
property name(Gender) type(tkGender) mandatory(false)

Name Surname

Natively Multidevice

Vibecode applications can be used either through browser (both traditional and mobile thank to its responsive user interface) or through native and dedicated App (available for IOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Windows Phone).

CharacteristicsThe design of user interface must consider the multitude of devices in use today, the different display resolutions and the methodology of input used by the user. Vibecode allows the development of applications which are abstracted from the user interface without referring them to a specific visual object. The UI is not controlled directly by the Business Logic, but it is related to it in a very weak way using a MVVM model.
Main benefitsThis characteristic allows the Framework to adopt new standards without the need of redesigning the User Interface, but simply adding or modifying the connections between the abstractions of actions and entities and their representation on different devices.

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You don’t need to change your database

Vibecode is abstracted from its database therefore it is able to interface with any Database Management System and with external applications and services via Web services REST or SOAP.

CharacteristicsThe developed applications are independent from database.
Main benefitsThis characteristic allows Vibecode to correlate data from different sources. For instance it is possible to have the product data on a MSSQL Database, sales transactions on a SAP HANA instance, the client data on an external CRM system which can be accessed only via REST interfaces.

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It can be used offline

The native applications are accessible also in off-line mode thank to the integrated replication engine. The devices have local databases inside them that allow you to work offline and then synchronize the changes when internet connection is restored.

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