Turn your customers into
testimonials of the brand

Creating brand loyalty has never been easier

Loyalty App is a software to build up the customer loyalty. It is able to promote the interaction between brand and customers by establishing among them an engaging and emotional long term relationship. Loyalty App is the tool that turns your client in a testimonial of your brand.

CharacteristicsLoyalty App offers these functionalities: virtual fidelity card, gift card, sending push notifications, geolocation of shops, virtual couponing, support for beacon technology, publishing news and personalized content, displaying external content inside the App.
Main benefitsLoyalty App promotes the customer engagement through a unique customized experience. The use of this solution enables you to increase the interaction between brand and customers and improve the brand image of your company. The client will regain its brand loyalty and will commit to diffusing the brand concept becoming a brand ambassador.

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Save on sending SMS

Sending targeted push notification increases communications with the client and promotes engagement and cross selling

Invite to purchase

Prizes, gift card, promotions and couponing frequently invite the client to visit the store and make a purchase.

Improve Brand Identity

Power up your brand by using it on the App and increase client engagement with news and special sections.

Communicating effectively and economically with your clients

Loyalty App increases the probability of contact with the client by making marketing communications more efficient and more targeted. It also improves the brand image of the company by publishing fresh, always new and highly personalized contents.

CharacteristicsThe solution offers the possibility to send to the client up-to-date communications in the form of push notifications. You can also communicate through the publication of personalized contents on the client profile. You can also communicate to the single client by publishing content such as coupons, prizes and dedicated sections directly on the client profile.
Main benefitsSending push notifications eliminates the cost of communication by allowing you to increase the frequency of these and ensure more effective marketing communications. The high content personalization allows to increase the client’s engagement by providing them tailormade information, contents and promotions.

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Customize and generate contents with simplicity

Thanks to its powerful back office, Loyalty App allows the company to personalized the User Interface completely, both in terms of graphics and in terms of contents and sections.

CharacteristicsThe Content Management System that manages the Loyalty App’s front end has been developed by paying great attention to user usability to ensure maximum ease of use. Through the CMS you can change the company logo, the App background, the colors, the dimensions and images of the sections and any type of content in a very simple way.
Main benefitsThis characteristic allows you to have a very flexible and quickly editable tool without the need to have a dedicated employee with peculiar skills. Creating and updating the App of your brand will be easy and very fast.

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Social Integration

Loyalty App enables users to share their purchases, log-in in store and invite their friends to download the App. These are just a few examples of “virtuous acts” which guarantee to users recognitions in the way of loyalty points which will make them brand ambassadors for your company

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